Rent an OSRS Maxed Main

Rent a 07 Max Main from RSGoldStand for staking at the duel arena. The accounts come equipped with a tentacle whip and dds! By renting an account you agree to the terms & conditions

We current have 2 accounts in stock.

Game How many hours? Price (USD) Purchase
OSRS $0.00

Terms & Conditions

When renting an account from RSGoldStand you are automatically bound by the following terms. Please study them carefully.

  • No breaking in-game rules.
  • No live streaming, no exceptions.
  • No RWT, first transfer gold to your account before trading any gold sellers.
  • No scamming or x-logging.
  • No “commission staking” on the account including 0%
  • No refund will be given if a BAN takes place.
  • Don’t mess with friends/ignore list. Also keep private status “ON”
  • No refunds will be given once rented, the trade is final.
  • No breaks. Once you received the log-in the time will start.
  • DO NOT leave the duel arena.
  • In the unlikely case the account is banned, we are not responsible.
  • Deposit will not be given back unless claimed within 1hr of renting.
  • No account sharing, no exceptions.
  • Anything left on the account after the rental service is over, I will keep.